Home Cinema Complete Build

Home Cinema Complete Build

Another high quality home cinema designed and built by Kiwi Smarthaus.

This Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 home theater has been carefully engineered to industry specifications.

Kiwi Smarthaus started the project by adding a drywall ceiling, a front wall and building a raised platform at the back of the room. After all the multimedia, lighting and electrical wiring was added, the room was painted with a matte black finish.

Soundproofing materials have been added to the front and side walls and home theater quality carpet has been laid.

The 3x front Monitor Audio loudspeakers are mounted behind an acoustically transparent screen. 4 x Bowers and Wilkins FX speakers were wall mounted and 4 x Monitor Audio ceiling speakers were installed. To improve the bass coverage, we installed 2 Monitor Audio subwoofers.

Overall, the customer was very happy with the home cinema and has already enjoyed many movie nights with the family.

Design and technical drawings
133'' Fixed Frame screen
Epson Home Cine,ma Projector
Monitor Audio & Bowers and Wilkins Loudspeakers
Home Cinema Bafflewall
2 x Monitor Audio Subwoofers
Custom made acoustic panels
Home Cinema Sofas
Drywall and electrical installation
Raised platform for the rear sofa
Lutron lighting and shading control
Home Cinema Carpet
Professional audio calibration

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