WLAN Configuration for your Home

We design, install and maintain robust and secure WiFi networks

WLAN Configuration for your Home

Nowadays, many devices in the home connect to the internet. TVs, set-top boxes, heating controls, smart speakers, sound systems, etc...

A fixed wired or WiFi connection is required for CCTV cameras. At Kiwi Smarthaus, we believe that the home computer network is the most important part of a true smart home. Recently, with the advent of IoT and connected devices, having a robust and secure home computer network has become increasingly important.

Typically, the "free" router provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is only designed for about half a dozen devices, and isnt up to the task of running the many devices in your home.

You may also have the problem that the WLAN signal does not reach all rooms. At Kiwi Smarthaus we have years of experience in planning and installing home computer networks. We can advise you if you feel you need to upgrade your router to one with better performance. We can provide a WiFi solution to ensure you have a reliable WiFi signal in every room.

Our Process

Our process begins by gathering necessary details and conducting a site survey. Next we will design and propose a practical solution, install, test and show you how to connect your devices. Finally, we offer maintenance and ongoing support when you need it. We can offer remote support for systems that we have configured.

Starlink Installation with VDSL-Failover

Live in a remote area with slow internet? We can help you install Starlink satellite internet and use your slow internet connection as a backup.

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