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Professional home cinema design and build for every budget


We offer a professional Home Cinema design, build and installation service.

As independent technology consultants, we are not tied to any one manufacturer or product, so we are happy to advise you on the best products to fit your space and budget.

We can provide all aspects of your Heimkino build:  Drywall, electrics, lighting design, cinema carpet, acoustic wall treatments, cinema seating and Sofas.

Whether its a dedicated room in the celler or in a Living room we can transform the space into the ultimate entertainment area for you and your family.



We are currently taking on projects throughout Austria and Europe.

Professional cinema design

Here at Kiwi Smarthaus we don't work with assumptions, all our cinemas are built to industry standards as closely as possible. Sean, the founder of Kiwi Smarthaus, is trained in cinema design and believes that a scientific approach to cinema design is the best way to optimize audio-video quality and user experience. Our custom cinema room designs include speaker placement, sound pressure level calculations, room view drawings, seating configurations, room acoustics, projection brightness and throw ratio calculations, cabling schemes, cinema interior design, lighting design, projector calculations.

The big screen experience in every room

Home Cinema, Home Theater, Heimkino, media room... Whether you want to enjoy the big screen in your living room or a dedicated Cinema room, Kiwi Smarthaus can help. The experienced team at Kiwi Smarthaus combines industry-leading technology with years of experience to build and install home cinema systems tailored for you and your family. We're not tied to any particular brand, so we can really give you objective advice.

No space for a home cinema? No problem! Most of our installations are in family or residential spaces. Do you have a room in the basement? Perfect! Kiwi Smarthaus can design a custom cinema room that meets industry home cinema specifications. If construction or decoration work is required, Kiwi Smarthaus can take care of the entire project.

A solution for every budget

We understand that not everyone has a Hollywood-sized budget, but we can help. We offer a professional TV assembly service and can connect your TV to a basic speaker set or soundbar to create the best possible experience. During the professional installation, the Kiwi smart home technician hides all cables and connects all your audio and video sources. We can even integrate your existing speakers or amplifiers into the system and help set up streaming services and voice control the system.

Technology that stands out or blends in with the design

Don't want a big screen or speakers to be constantly visible in your living room? Invisible speakers, motorized projection screens and projector lifts allow all technology to be virtually invisible when not in use. Alternatively, Kiwi Smarthaus can design a system that highlights the technology components for a striking modern design statement.

It's under control

There's no point in having a system that's so complicated to control that you end up not using it. Here at Kiwi Smarthaus we know that user-friendliness is of great importance. We only work with systems that can be operated intuitively. We stock a wide range of universal remotes so you don't have to use 5 remotes to power up the system. We can even give you the ability to control the system from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in the world. If desired, we can build in voice control via an Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homepod, so when you leave the room all you have to do is say "Cinema off" to turn off the system.

Home Cinema Showroom

Would you like to install a better sound system for your TV or a new home theater? We would be happy to arrange a non-binding home visit. We look forward to advising you with new ideas and professional input. You are also welcome to visit our home cinema showroom in Bisamberg - only 20 minutes by car from Vienna. Here we are able to demonstrate our recently built home cinema complete with 110 inch (280 cm) projection screen, 10 speaker surround sound, Lutron intelligent lighting, Epson Beamer, Hisense Laser TV and an iPad control system.
Over a coffee we demonstrate the different surround sound formats, screen formats, room acoustics, room lighting and projection techniques.
Please note that visiting the showroom is only possible by prior arrangement.

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